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Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., states, "It is our position, then, that since orbs appear in meaningful
places in photographs, and not haphazardly, it is because they are there by design."

Linda Strausbaugh captured this photo just outside a department store while shopping.

 This photograph was taken in my bedroom last year. The colors have been saturated in the close up to accentuate the interior. I can see what appears to be a face inside the orb. Can you? While I have taken many photos of orbs with faces, I had always hoped to capture a more compelling and detailed photo of a face. Are these optic distortions, or is life in our unbounded Universe capable of transmitting an image through a manifestation of subtle energy.

Our first visit to Disneyland since the death of my son. I was fighting back tears and needed some levity injected into the situation fast. It was my daughter's birthday and I caught my daughter and her friend in a happy birthday hug. When I reviewed the photos I saw this bear faced orb above the girl's heads on the balcony of the Disneyland hotel room. It totally lifted my spirits.
I feel it was his way of saying "Everything is going to be okay, Mom." 

 Marcus "Hoody" Lang shares a photo of his father in law that matches the face seen inside an orb taken by Marcus. I invite you to explore the possibilities presented by this phenomena. What are these beautiful balls of light captured in our digital cameras? Why are there recognizable human faces in them? How is it possible that they appear in meaningful places and at meaningful times?

 Are these o
rbs a manifestation of the soul or consciousness energy of our loved ones? Is this the proof we needed to really grasp the concept that we are truly eternal beings?

Marcus "Hoo
dy" Lang compares a picture of his father-in-law to the face seen inside an orb photo he had taken one evening. This amazing photo helps to validate the theory that orbs, the beautiful lights appearing in digital photos to millions around the world, are a connection to the soul/consciousness energy of our loved ones.My new book, Orbs and the Afterlife: A Window to the Divine will expand on this topic.     

During a reading with Internationally renowned psychic
medium, John Holland, a woman's face appears in an orb.

Sue-ann Shaye Meyer had just completed a fast. She says, "In 2004 I fasted for 14 days. My husband tried to take a picture and said he can't see me because of a light next to me blinding him. I quickly got up, looked at the pic taken and I saw a face in the pic next to me. I told him to take another pic. So he did . Look at the next pic. No light next to me. Then I had the picture with the light next to me developed.I had it developed and was blown away again. The face of an angel, and look closely, there is a huge cross on the face as well.

That night when I went to bed, this was the devotional for that day the picture was taken. This was my confirmation. Gen 28:16. Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it"

This photo was taken outside by Bryan Raisch at the So. Bay IANDS meeting on May 22, 2012. Can you see a face? I see what looks like a puppy dog face.

"The woman whose face is covered by the orb tells this story:

Thirty some odd years ago when she and her husband were dating, she set up a blind date for her husband's brother.

He had something wrong with one of his eyes and was so self-conscious about it that he wouldn't talk to girls, let alone date. Well, he was really resistant and did not want to meet them at the theater. She begged, cajoled and talked him into coming.

Wouldn't you know, the girl didn't show up! He was understandably upset and did not want to stay for the show.

So he left and, sadly, was killed in a car accident on the way home. The woman has been feeling responsible for his death ever since.

When she was standing there for that picture she was asking
her brother-in-law to be there and she asked him to be "very bright" orb so she couldn't miss him! And this is the picture that was taken at the same moment."

When I received the original photo I did not know the story behind it. I blew up the shot and I could clearly see a man's face in the orb. Not only that but I noticed that he did not have a right eye. I asked my friend to find out which eye had been deformed. It was the right eye.


Mary Sonia is a paranormal investigator with North East Paranormal Associates out of New Hampshire. She was investigating in The New Market Town Hall, in New Market NH.  It was lights out and she was just randomly shooting pictures when she captured this orb with a face. A local Paranormal celebrity, CC the Huntress, organized a Paranormal Award Event. Mary won "Picture of the Year" 2013 with this  photo.

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