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Lens Flare

Lens Flare

Lens flare is the bane of orb photographers. Lens flare happens when you shoot into a light source such as the sun. I can't tell you the disappointment I feel when I see an amazing photo only to realize upon closer inspection that the "orb" or "energy being" is caused by lens flare. Lens flare can manifest as rings, circles, star bursts, discs, cones or "energy beings."

They may be in a row across the image, but typically are spread widely across the scene. They can be a series of colored orbs or a mixture of discs, blocks, tapered cones and rainbow color
s. The location can change with the camera's movement in relationship to light sources. The shape of the aperture affects the formation of anomalies in the photographs.

These photos are exciting and fun and stimulate our imagination, but they are not "orbs, vortexes or energy beings."  They are lens flare. They were purposely created to show you how to spot the difference between real orbs and their energy and false orbs and lens flare. Moonlight will cause lens flare as will any light source inside or outside your home, day or night. Be vigilant when it comes to orb pictures. When in doubt, rule it out or ask an expert.

The cropped photos below were purposely created by shooting into
 the sun and manipulating the camera to create the lens flare in the trees etc.


The blue green orb has some flat sides to it created by the shutter leaves on the camera.
                      A fun Rocket Orb! If only... It is  Sony lens flare.                              

Notice the red and green "orbs" in the palm trees below.  They are lens flare.
I purposely placed them in the trees by 
manipulating my camera as I shot into the sun.                       
                Cookie Monster energy being?                                      Nah....   Sony lens flare!
Two giant energy beings are manifesting before my eyes.
Wouldn't that be amazing to see?


  Love the colors my Sony Cybershot DSC-T110 makes when I shoot into the sun.

Look at the large red orb (lens flare) around my dog.


Beautiful Rainbow orbs with were created by shooting into the sun.

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