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Orbs and Angels

"Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God."

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

        Valentine's Day 2011

New York Times best selling author, Joan Wester Anderson, writes about people and their encounters with angels. In her book, An Angel to Watch Over Me: True Stories of Children's Encounters with Angels, Joan writes about a little boy who sees a ball of light come in through his closed window and turn into a lady.

His mother encourages him to ask her name and find out more about her. The following night she returns and tells him she loves him and that she is his angel. Her name is Marigo and she is there to teach him. He draws a picture of her, but she is without wings or a halo. She visited him many times always arriving through a "closed window in a large round circle of light." 
This description seems to fit our orbs perfectly, those beautiful balls of light that bring so many people comfort and joy. We are seeing the "soul energy" of our loved ones, guides and angels that help and protect us on a daily basis.

I am comforted knowing that I am not alone.  There is love all around us.

On Valentine's Day 2011, I lay on the couch watching TV. The five year anniversary of my son's death was ten days earlier and I had been hit hard by depression. I had recently started my new book, Miracle Messenger:Signs from Above, Love from Beyond-A family's remarkable account of life after death. Writing about the experiences of contact my son has had with eight different people seemed to reopen the pain of loss, even though spiritually and logically I knew that he was fine.

My usual interest in photographing orbs had waned as I curled in heap feeling sorry for myself. Suddenly, the lamp on the bar started to flicker. It had never done that before. My orb radar, which is part of my intuition lit up, even though I tried to ignore the signs. I begrudgingly reached for my camera and snapped a few pictures for the heck of it, then I tossed the camera
uncharacteristically on the table and continued to watch TV. I always review my shots-always. A few days later, I picked up my camera and looked at the photos. My jaw dropped as my heart swelled.

There by my angel was a beautiful pink orb! I checked the date. It was Valentine's Day. I knew my son had sent me some love from The Other Side. This photo brought me more comfort than any pill or counselor could have. It was a message that life is eternal and that I didn't need to focus on my loss, but on the beautiful connection and relationship that was now available to me.

               The photos are not retouched. There are many wispy orbs in the picture also. 
Orbs love my angel. She represents love and protection for my house
and when I see her I think of my son in Heaven.


Seeing these orbs fill me with comfort and joy knowing that I am not alone.
There is love all around me.

  Looks like there is a face in that orb.          This orb has a track.

        Slightly cropped original of the orbs in my home. A light green orb upper center.                

        A beautiful rainbow orb near my fireplace. The close up can be seen on the Colored Orbs page.      


More orbs with a lovely light blue one top right.  
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