My quest for the meaning of the colors was answered while reading Dr. Michael Newton's book, Journey of Souls: Case studies of Lives Between Lives. Newton places his clients into super conscious states of awareness with hypnosis to reveal not only their past lives, but their "lives in between lives."

I am excited to introduce The Newton Connection a compelling answer to the identity of these beautiful balls of colored light. With Dr. Newton's thirty years of research, I firmly believe I have found the definitive explanation of the orb color spectrum.

The Orbs below are not retouched photos except for cropping. Twenty four pictures were taken indoors. I used a Nikon Cool Pix S70 12mp on auto with flash and a Sony Nex-3 with flash.
All pictures © TheOrbWhisperer except as noted.  PHOTOS COMING SOON!


These beautiful orbs or light beings come in many different colors and sizes with the most common being wispy white. We understand that colors on the visible light spectrum vibrate at a different rate and can extrapolate that each orb, depending on its color, has its own vibration. What we couldn't prove was what each color meant.