Yes, anyone can take pictures of orbs, but very fewcan "see" them with their naked eye. All it takes is a digital camera with activated flash and a willingness to really want to see them. Be patient and persistent and you too can capture some beautiful photos. Smartphones are not the best choice to capture orbs in pictures, although you an still capture orb photos. The Orb videos on the Home Page were taken with an iPhone.

Smartphones generally do not have a flash strong enough to capture clear orbs pictures.
But the iPhone video with activated flash can get great orb videos.

1.Set your intention to capture orb photos. You should feel joyful and excited. Your attention, intention and thoughts draw them to you. 

2. Start outside at night time with a fully charged battery.  The darkness is a great contrast for the orbs. 

3. Set your flash to the ON position not auto.

4. Take 5 -10 pictures in one direction and then turn to another.  Keep at it.  You may only get one orb your first few times.  Take 50-100 or more pictures each session.

Be sure to zoom in and check your entire photo before you delete the ones you don't want.  Several of the colored orbs I photographed were discovered by zooming in on the pictures. Delete the ones you don't want otherwise your SD card will fill up too quickly.

6. Avoid taking photos toward a light source or in the rain or snow.  You will get false orbs and
lens flare. Although you can get real orbs in the rain and snow, until you are well-seasoned to know the difference, you may get excited over a beautiful orb-shaped raindrop and not a real orb.

6. Remember, your best shot may be behind you. I had a routine every night to shoot orbs in my living room sitting on the couch. They would appear en mass. One evening they were nowhere to be seen. I called them in and nothing. Something was up. Suddenly, I felt as if they were laughing at me and I got the funny feeling they were behind me in the kitchen. I whirled around and took the shot. There they were like a bunch of kids trying to sneak up on their parent. I had to laugh. The orbs were playing games with me.

7. Once you begin to capture orbs outside, take some inside shots. You will quickly find the areas of your home that they love to congregate. I get in bed each night and take orbs photos to see who is nearby.

8. Remember orbs have a consciousness and you can tune your thoughts to them and they will respond. Once you are proficient in calling them in you can begin to experiment by asking them to do particular things such as appearing in a specific or meaningful place. Remember you may have to take several photos as they move into position in order to capture the photo you asked for.

Hint: They are attracted to love, joy and excitement, which is why you will find them at family gatherings and parties. They are also attracted to spiritual gatherings. So once they show up, let them know that they are appreciated.


Orb Radar is the feeling you get when "they" are around. I imagine it may be different for each person, but I just get a sense or a nudge to grab my camera. The thought that they are near pops into my head or I just feel their presence. Learning to trust your intuition is important.

It takes a bit of practice. Have you ever felt someone staring at you and you turn around and there they are? Have you thought of someone and the phone rings or you get a text message at that very moment from them? This is your intuition.

Once you have orbs on your mind, you have a great start at connecting with them. If you're not sure exactly what to do, take pictures anyway, and when you get some with orbs, just start tuning into that moment and the excitement that you feel. Soon you will feel that excitement before you take pictures and that will help draw them to you.

This angel picture is the perfect example of "Orb Radar." I was not in the mood to take orb pictures, but the lamp on my bar started to flicker. I seriously tried to ignore it, but the message was just too strong. In order  to get the feeling to stop, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. This is the result.


Don't assume until you zoom.  Always zoom in on your photos before deleting.  Great things come in small packages. Use your Orb Eye to carefully examine your photos. Today's digital cameras have very small viewing screens and you can easily miss a beautiful orb. I almost deleted the photos of what I call an inter-dimensional space craft on the Beyond Orbs page because they were so small. A close up of the orb below reveals a detailed interior and a stunning blue color.


The picture below is one shot I came close to deleting. Fortunately, I didn't as it is a very significant shot. The small picture below is the approximately the size of my camera screen and while I can see a brightness to the top orb, the rest of the shot was unimpressive. It was 3:30am and I was tired and in the deleting mode, but that voice rang out loud and clear, "Don't assume until you zoom." This may be one of two of the most significant shots I have ever taken while photographing orbs. This is the frontal view of what I call an inter-dimensial space craft.


Can we manifest an orb?
My nephew asked me to take a picture of him while he tried to manifest an orb above his head.
  We captured these on the 4th and 12th shots. There were tons of orbs in the other photos. My brother, Bill, seems to be staring right at it. My nephew is also able to feel orbs as they land on him.